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Many Veterinarians are considering selling because valuations are so high.  Well run practices that produce great revenues and practice top notch medicine will always be valuable and sell at a premium.  The differences in sale price between similar sized practices can easily be millions of dollars.  The only difference is often how well run they are from a business standpoint.  Most of the time, we can make a large difference in sale price with some minimal changes to how the hospital is run.  Sometimes the negotiation just takes some finesse.

Five Year plan was named because we have seen practices ready to sell, but they are rare.  With a plan and a little time we can make huge differences in what a practice fetches at sale.  Even if you are ready to sell tomorrow, we really can make a difference.

We take a very customized approach and are selective with the hospitals we represent.  We spend time making sure the post sale outcome matches your goals.  We spend time looking at each company with you to decide if the fit is right for you and your goals.

We are very private and sensitive to your privacy.  Feel free to reach out and know that none of your information or questions are shared outside of Five Year Plan.  When looking at negotiations, we require all parties to have non-disclosure agreements in place before starting.

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We  love to help our colleagues .  We are excited to hear from you.  There is no charge to review your situation and tell you what services we offer.